Grandmamma and the Aunts'," she added with a misch

Grandmamma and the Aunts'," she added with a mischievous "moue," then she sighed "Poor Stella!" and she looked at him searchingly. "That was a terrible business, wasn't it"Philip composed himself with an effort. "Her husband's death, you mean Yes, I suppose it was. I have heard nothing of her since it happened. I hope she is well, have you seen her lately""Quite lately; I've only been in town for a flying visit, just to get clothes."There was an awkward pause. Philip became aware that Sir George was regarding him with particular attention. Was the man Stella's future husband The possibility filled him with helpless rage.Mrs. Matthews coughed artificially and glanced from one man to the other. "Sir George, dear," she said sweetly, "you'd better go back to that kind gentleman who was giving you such good advice about fishing-rods, or someone else will snap him up. I want to talk secrets with Mr. Flint, if he's n