hing had hurt her. "Why do you remind me of my[Pg

hing had hurt her. "Why do you remind me of my[Pg 305] silly ideas Don't you think I have the sense to see when I have been wrong"He evaded reply to the question. "Well, out with this wonderful secret. Don't keep me in suspense.""It's this—you are to have the C.S.I.!" she told him triumphantly. "The Star of India! Doesn't it sound splendid—glittering, glorious, grand!"He stared at her stupidly, stammered: "How—how do you know""Pater told me to-night, just as I was starting to come here," and she added navely: "to come and meet you. Good old Pater, he is arranging it all. Now, what do you say to that for a piece of news""It is extremely kind of him, but I don't want it, I don't deserve it!" he cried in desperation. "You must tell him—it must be stopped——""What on earth are you talking about If you don't deserve it, who does Anyway, it's to be yours, whether you feel you deserve it or not, and I can't tell you how proud I feel that in a kin