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d in shape, colour, in being double, and greatly in the character of the calyx; young branches or shoots have changed in colour, in bearing spines and in habit of growth, as in climbing or in weeping; leaves have changed in becoming variegated, in shape, period of unfolding, and in their arrangement on the axis. Buds of all kinds, whether produced on ordinary branches or on subterranean stems, whether simple or much modified and supplied with a stock of nutriment, as in tubers and bulbs, are all liable to sudden variations of the same general nature.In the list, many of the cases are certainly due to reversion to characters not acquired from a cross, but which were formerly present and have since been lost for a longer or shorter time;—as when a bud on a variegated plant produces plain leaves, or when the variously-coloured flowers of the Chrysanthemum revert to the aboriginal yellow tint. Many other cases incl